* SHA Nov. 2013


Panel on the future of digital humanities @ 2013 Southern History (SHA) conference (Nov. 2, 2013)





  • IMG_3877Jennifer Guiliano (UMD/MITH), chair
    • Historical Question: “How do we use legal records to reconstruct the lived experiences of slaves in the DC region?”
    • Digital Intervention: “Using network analysis to chart family and legal relationships”
  • IMG_3873Rob Nelson (U. Richmond)
    • Historical Question: “What is the strength of Confederate Nationalism”
    • Digital Intervention: “Using topic modeling to explore the rhetoric of nationalism as it appeared in Confederate newspapers”
  • IMG_3875Simon Appleford (Clemson U.)
    • Historical Question: “How do current users of social media remember the Civil War?”
    • Digital Intervention: “Using social network analysis to understand memory”
  • IMG_3878Richard Marciano (UNC Chapel Hill)
    • Historical Question: “How can citizen histories and public history be used to uncover historical erasure of neighborhoods and communities?”
    • Digital Intervention: “How can macro/’big’ data inform historical and public scholarship?”

Discussion topics:

  • Big data:
    • Jennifer:  potential for 100,000’s of images
    • Rob:  approximately 100 million of words
    • Simon:  millions of tweets on a recurring basis
    • Richard:  billions of records
  • Upsides and downsides of using digital data
  • Technology neutrality:  It’s simply not and an interpretive scholarly intervention is needed
  • Transformative nature of scale
  • Advice on getting started